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45 Degree CNC Lathe 3 Axis CNC Slanted Bed Turning Center

ALLES CNC The slant bed CNC lathe adopts 45-degree high rigidity, Taiwan guide rail and large torque spindle to ensure high rigidity of the machine, the spindle is close to the center of the manipulator, and the work piece is more convenient to load and unload.
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  • ALTCK46A



ALLES CNC Slant bed CNC lathe ALTCK46A with Y axis

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The Main Technical Parameters

Model Unit TCK46A
Maximum turning diameter of bed mm Φ460
Maximum turning diameter of cross slide mm Φ170
Maximum processing length mm 350
Maximum machining diameter (disk type) mm Φ400
X axis maximum stroke mm 240
Z axis maximum stroke mm 400
Spindle speed rpm 3500rpm
Spindle through hole mm Φ56
Spindle motor power KW 7.5/11
Tool body size mm 2525
Sleeve stroke mm 80
Maximum stroke of tailstock mm 200
Total power capacity KVA 18
Dimensions (length × width × height) mm 2500*1700*1890
Total Weight KG 2600

Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine Processing Features

1.CNC lathe high speed spindle with smooth surface

2. The CNC lathe machine and guide rail have good rigidity and stability;

3. The guide rail is treated with high hardness super-audio frequency quenching,

4. The bracket is processed by pasting plastic. High precision and long life.

5. Electric brake spindle brake method

6. XZ axis feed is all driven by servo motor screw

7. CNC system can be freely selected

8. Three-speed transmission, step less transmission, low noise, high machining accuracy;

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Application:

ALLES CNC CNC lathe machine bar fedeer is suitable for automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, aerospace, military industry, petroleum and other industries. It is used for conical surfaces, arc surfaces, curved surfaces and various inch thread batches, high-efficiency and high-precision automatic processing


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