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What are the applications of Flat bed cnc lathe

Flat bed cnc lathe is widely used in heavy turning processing, with higher production efficiency. We can rely on the reliable, stable and powerful turning function of the Flat bed horizontal cnc lathe equipment.

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Challenges and needs of mold processing

Challenges and needs of mold processing

Vertical Machine Center Super Low Price

CNC Lathe Super Low Price

Types of CNC Lathes

CNC lathes are classified into types by how many axes they have. They are available with different axes, allowing more complex parts to be produced without manually switching machines or tools. The different axes affect how the machined part or the tool can be positioned, rotated, and approached during the machining process.

Febtech 2024 Monterrey

Febtech 2024 MonterreyRecently, we went to Mexico to attend a CNC machine tool exhibition. We brought our CNC machine tools, discounts, and many Chinese-style gifts.Attracted many customers and friends, looking forward to next time.

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CNC Lathe ALCK6160X2000 Sent To Mexico Today

Today, our company has successfully completed the delivery of a batch of CNC lathes ALCK6160X2000, marking a new step in our cooperation with Mexico's manufacturing industry.

Our Company Successfully Sold 38 CNC Machine Tools To Russia

In July, our company proudly announced that it successfully sold a batch of high-performance mechanical equipment to the Russian market, which further strengthened our company's competitive position in the international market. This transaction involved a total of 38 pieces of equipment, covering multiple categories such as CNC lathes, turn-milling compound, CNC pipe thread lathes, and vertical machining centers, injecting strong impetus into Russia's manufacturing industry.

CNC Lathes Will Be Successfully Sent To Colombia

From our floor to yours, a ALLES lathe is on its way! We've just prepped a ALCK6130 CNC lathe machine for transport to our new customer in Colombia.

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ALCK6140X1000 CNC Lathe Will Be Sent To Mexico

We are pleased to announce that our latest ALCK6140X1000 CNC lathe has been successfully sent to Mexico, bringing new opportunities and technological upgrades to the Mexican manufacturing industry.

Mexican Customer Successfully Received CNC Lathe ALCK6140X1000

IIn order to meet the demand for high-precision CNC machining equipment in the Mexican market, our company is proud to announce that Mexican customers have successfully received our latest developed CNC lathe ALCK6140X1000. This news marks an important step in the expansion of our business in the Mexican market.

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ALTCK50A-500 CNC Lathe Sent To Mexico

ALTCK50A-500 CNC lathes will be exported to Mexico soon, bringing a strong innovative force to the country's manufacturing industry. This advanced CNC machine tool will provide Mexican companies with efficient and precise machining solutions, promoting them to gain greater competitive advantages in the global market.

Russian Customer Successfully Received ALCK6130 CNC Lathe

Positive reviews of the ALCK6130 CNC lathe. The outstanding performance of this high-performance CNC lathe has aroused high appreciation from customers, bringing great improvements and enhancements to their production lines.

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