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  • Q What is the strength of your factory?

    A The scale of ALLES CNC is very large. The processing workshop is equipped with about 100 machines for processing all parts of the machine, including the spindle, flange parts and machine bed. These machines include 38 lathes, 10 VMC, 20 horizontal boring machines, 6 large gantry milling machines and other boring machines, grinders, planers, etc.


  • Q Are you a manufacturer?

    A Yes, we are a manufacturer of CNC machine tools.We have been in the machinery industry 40 years. We have the world's leading production experience in fully automatic machinery.
  • Q How to guarantee after sales service?

    A Online: we have local after-sales service of SAIN in many countries. SAIN after-sales service company is a global after-sales service provider certified by Alibaba.
    Offline: we will make regular video phone follow-up visits to understand the use of customers' machines. We will work with the engineer to confirm which part is damaged and contact the local service team within 24 hours for repair.
  • Q How to control the quality of the products?

    A After the production of our machines is completed, they will be tested by Renishaw testers, and people from the National Testing Center will be invited to test the quality of the machines to ensure that there are no problems with the quality of the machines before they are shipped. Moreover, the quality of the machine is tested by the people of the National Quality Inspection Center. If the customer has demand, a report can also be issued.
  • Q Do you have CE certification?

    A Yes, we have CE certification, machine quality is one year guaranteed.
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