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ALCK61100x1500 CNC Lathe Used In Iron And Steel Metallurgy Industry

ALCK61100x1500 CNC lathe is a high-performance machine tool suitable for large-scale workpiece processing. It has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and multi-function, and is widely used in various mechanical processing fields.
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  • ALCK61100X1500



ALCK61100x1500 CNC lathe is a large CNC lathe with a maximum processing length of 1500 mm and a maximum processing diameter of 1100 mm. Here are some of its main features and functions:

1. Numerical control system: ALCK61100x1500 adopts an advanced numerical control system, usually a computer-based control system, which can accurately control each movement axis of the lathe to achieve high-precision and high-efficiency machining.

2. High-rigidity machine bed: The machine bed of this lathe has high rigidity and stability, can withstand the processing of large workpieces, and maintain small deformation and vibration, thereby improving the processing quality.

3. High-power spindle drive: ALCK61100x1500 lathe is equipped with a high-power spindle drive system, which can provide sufficient cutting force and torque, and is suitable for heavy cutting operations on large-diameter workpieces.

4. Multifunctional turret: The lathe is equipped with a multifunctional turret, which can accommodate multiple cutting tools and realize various cutting operations, such as turning, boring, tapping, etc.

5. Automatic workbench: The lathe is equipped with an automatic workbench, which can realize automatic clamping and positioning of workpieces and improve production efficiency.

6. Real-time monitoring and feedback: The CNC system can monitor the processing process in real time and provide feedback information to ensure the accuracy and stability of processing.

7. High-precision positioning: ALCK61100x1500 CNC lathe adopts a high-precision positioning system, which can realize precise positioning and repeated processing of workpieces.

ALCK61100x1500 CNC lathe is widely used in the following industries:

1. Machinery manufacturing industry: This lathe is suitable for manufacturing large mechanical parts, such as shafts, gears, flanges, hubs, etc.

2. Energy industry: In the energy industry, CK61100x1500 CNC lathes can be used to process large workpieces such as power generation equipment, petroleum equipment, and hydraulic cylinders.

3. Aerospace industry: The aerospace industry needs to process large aviation parts, such as engine shafts, aircraft landing gear, etc. CK61100x1500 CNC lathe can meet its high-precision and high-efficiency processing requirements.

4. Railway transportation industry: used to manufacture large parts such as railway wheel sets, railway vehicle chassis and wheels.

5. Oil and gas industry: CK61100x1500 CNC lathe can be used to process oil and gas extraction equipment, such as drill bits, casings, etc.

6. Heavy machinery industry: used to process parts of construction machinery such as large loaders, excavators, and road rollers.

7. Iron and steel metallurgy industry: In the iron and steel metallurgy industry, this lathe can be used to process large parts such as rolls, shafts, and castings.


ALCK61100X1500 CNC Lathe Machine

Equipment configuration and parameters

Item Content Unit ALCK61100x1500
Processing range Maximum turning diameter of bed mm Φ1000
Maximum turning diameter of slide mm Φ630
Maximum turning length mm 1500
Maximum machining diameter mm Φ1000
Maximum bar diameter mm Φ500
Spindle motor torque NM 48
X/Z motor power Kw 1.5/2.3
X/Z motor torque NM 10/15
Cooling pump motor power W 125
Machine Net Weight kg 4700
Machine Size(L×W×H) mm 3900/1900/2000


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