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ALCK6160X2000 CNC Lathe Processing Small Precision Parts

ALCK6160X2000 CNC lathe is a high-performance CNC lathe, which can be widely used in machining, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, military manufacturing, rail transit, petrochemical and other industries.
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  • ALCK6160X2000


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The ALCK6160X2000 CNC lathe can be used for various machining tasks in the rail transit industry, including the processing of workpieces such as axle shafts, wheel sets, and bearings for trains, subways, and trams.

1.For example, the axle shaft is an important part of the train that connects the wheels and transmits power. The processing of the axle shaft requires high precision and accuracy to ensure the safety and reliability of the train. The ALCK6160X2000 CNC lathe's high-precision linear guide rail and ball screw, as well as its advanced numerical control system, make it well-suited for machining the axle shafts with high precision and efficiency.

2.Similarly, the wheel sets and bearings of the train also require high-precision processing to ensure the smooth operation and reliability of the train. The ALCK6160X2000 CNC lathe can also be used for the turning and milling of these parts, as well as for the threading, drilling, and other processing operations required to create these complex components.

Overall, the ALCK6160X2000 CNC lathe is a versatile machine tool that can be used for a variety of tasks in the rail transit industry, from the processing of small precision components to the machining of large-scale structural parts.


ALCK6160X2000 Inspection Machine

Equipment configuration and parameters

Item Unit ALCK6160X2000
Max swing over bed mm Φ600
Maximum turning diameter of carriage mm Φ310
Maximum turning diameter mm Φ600
Maximum turning length mm 2000
X/Z axis maximum stroke mm 300/2000
X/Z axis minimum displacement unit mm 0.001
Spindle hole diameter mm F82
Main motor power (frequency conversion) kW 7.5
Frequency converter kW 7.5
X/Z axis N.m 5/7.5
X/Z axis rapid traverse speed m / min 6/8
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm Φ75
Tailstock sleeve stroke mm 200
Machine size (length×width×height) mm 4400*1700*1800
Electricity demand (power/current) kW/A 15kW/20A


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