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ALCK6163x1000 CNC Lathe Application Processing Wind Power Equipment

ALCK6163x1000 CNC lathe is a common CNC machine tool with a wide range of applications. It is a high-precision processing equipment based on numerical control technology combined with advanced mechanical transmission and control systems.
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  • ALCK6150X1000



ALCK6163x1000 CNC Lathe Processing Features:

1. High-precision processing capability: ALCK6163x1000 CNC lathe adopts a precise spindle and an advanced numerical control system, which can realize high-precision processing and meet the precision processing requirements of various complex workpieces.

2. Multifunctional processing: CNC lathes have various processing functions such as turning, boring, and tapping, and can be applied to processing different types of workpieces to improve production efficiency and processing quality.

3. CNC system control: ALCK6163x1000 adopts advanced CNC system with powerful programming and control capabilities, which can realize automatic processing, switching of various processing technologies and flexible processing parameter adjustment.

4. High rigid structure: The CNC lathe has a solid bed structure and a stable carriage design, which provides high rigidity and stability, and ensures the accuracy and reliability of processing.

ALCK6163x1000 CNC Lathe Application Industry:

1. Machinery manufacturing industry: This CNC lathe can be used to process various mechanical parts and equipment, such as shaft parts, flanges, gears, etc.

2. Automobile manufacturing industry: In the automobile manufacturing process, ALCK6163x1000 CNC lathe can be used to process key components such as engine parts, steering system components, and braking systems.

3. Energy equipment: CNC lathes are suitable for energy equipment manufacturing, such as processing important components involving nuclear power plants, hydropower plants, and wind power equipment.

4. Aerospace field: ALCK6163x1000 CNC lathe can be used for parts processing in the aerospace industry, such as engine parts, aviation structural parts, etc.


Chile customer ALCK6150X1000 CNC Lathe commissioning

Equipment configuration and parameters

Item Unit ALCK6150X1000
Max swing over bed mm Φ500
Maximum swing over slide mm Φ290
Maximum cutting diameter mm Φ500
Maximum processing length mm 1000
Spindle hole diameter mm F82
Spindle speed limit rpm 150-2000/60-1600
Main motor power (frequency conversion kW 7.5
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm F65
Tailstock sleeve stroke mm 130
Electricity demand (power/current) kW/A 15kW/20A
Weight Kg 2500
Machine size mm 3030*1600*2050


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