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ALVMC1160 Vertical Machine Center Processing Engine Parts

ALVMC1160 vertical CNC machining center is a common high-precision machining equipment, its structure is composed of column, bed, spindle and control system.
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  • ALVMC1160



Machining Properties Of CNC Machine Center:

1. High-precision machining capability: ALVMC1160 vertical CNC machining center can realize high-precision cutting, and the precision can reach 0.005mm.

2. Fast processing speed: ALVMC1160 vertical CNC machining center adopts high-speed spindle and fast moving system, which can realize fast and efficient processing operations and improve production efficiency.

3. Multifunctional processing ability: ALVMC1160 vertical CNC machining center can perform milling, drilling, tapping and other processing operations, and can be applied to a variety of different processing needs.

4. Advanced control system: ALVMC1160 vertical CNC machining center is equipped with advanced CNC control system, which has a high degree of automation and stability, and is easy and convenient to operate.

5. Large processing range: ALVMC1160 vertical CNC machining center has a large processing range, which is suitable for processing various workpieces of different sizes.

6.High rigid body: VMC1160 vertical CNC machining center adopts high rigid body structure, which can improve processing accuracy and stability.

Vertical CNC machining centers can process various types of workpieces in automotive, mechanical engineering, including but not limited to:

1. Engine parts: such as crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, cylinder head, etc.;

2. Wheels and brake discs: for cars and other vehicles;

3. Threaded parts: such as nuts, bolts, screws, etc.;

4. Gears and racks: used to drive the power and movement of machinery;

5. Metal shells: such as electronic equipment shells, electrical shells, etc.;

6. Complex parts: such as various precision mechanical parts, etc.

Because the vertical CNC machining center can precisely control the position and angle of the machining tool, it has great advantages in manufacturing these complex workpieces.


Vertical Machining Center ALVMC640

Technical Parameters

Item Sub-item Unit ALVMC1160
Worktable Worktable size mm 1200x600
T-slot mm 18x5x100
Max. load kg 800
Travel X axis travel mm 1100
Y axis travel mm 600
Z axis travel mm 600

Spindle nose to worktable mm 120-720
Spindle center to coumn face mm 670
Other Automatic lubrication device w 20
Cutting fluid pump w 840
Battery capacity kVA 25
Air source pressure demand kg/cm 6
Cutting water tank capacity L 200
positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Re-positioning accuracy mm 0.008
Floor area and height mm 3000*2500*2500
Machine weight kg 6500


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