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CNC Lathe ALCK6160 Machining Brass Parts

ALLES CNC ALCK6160X1000 CNC lathe can control the machining process through programming, and the program can include tool path, feed speed, cutting parameters and other information. By changing the program, parts of different shapes and sizes can be processed.
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  • ALCK6160X1000


原-恢复的-min (23)


1.CNC system:GSK, FANUC, Siemens, etc.

2.Chuck: Pneumatic collets.

3.Tool: Gang Type Tool.

4.Cooling system.

5.Lighten system.

6.Automatic lubrication system.


1.CNC system: Siemens, Fanuc, KND.

2.Chuck:Hydraulic chuck, pneumatic chuck ..

4.Turret :

(1.) 4 station electric tool post.

(2.) 6 station electric tool post.

(3.) 8 station electric tool post.

5.Feeder:Automatic bar feeder.

Machining Features of ALCK6160X1000 CNC Lathe:

1. High-precision machining: CNC lathes have high-precision positioning and control capabilities, and can achieve precise machining operations. They usually have small positioning error and repeated positioning accuracy, which can meet the processing needs of high-precision parts.

2. Multiple processing functions: CNC lathes usually have multiple processing functions, such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, etc. This enables them to complete multiple machining processes for complex parts, increasing production efficiency.

3. Automatic operation: CNC lathes are automatically operated through pre-programmed processing programs, reducing the need for manual intervention. They can automatically switch tools, adjust feed rates, execute complex machining paths, etc., improving the stability and efficiency of machining.

4. Flexibility and repeatability: CNC lathes can realize the processing of different parts by changing the processing program, which provides flexibility. At the same time, they are highly reproducible, i.e. able to maintain a consistent processing quality across different production batches.

5. High-efficiency production: CNC lathes have the ability of high-speed cutting and rapid feed, which can achieve high-efficiency production. They typically feature fast cutting speeds and quick tool change times, reducing non-machining time and increasing productivity.

6. Tool monitoring and fault diagnosis: Some CNC lathes are equipped with tool monitoring and fault diagnosis systems, which can monitor tool wear, deviation, etc. in real time, and provide corresponding alarms or automatic adjustments to ensure processing quality and tool life.


ALCK6150X1000 Flat bed CNC lathe

Equipment configuration and parameters

Model Unit ALCK6160X1000

Maximum turning diameter of be

mm Φ600
Maximum turning diameter of carriage mm Ф310
Maximum cutting diameter mm Φ500
Maximum processing length mm 1000
X/Z axis maximum stroke mm 300/(1000/1500)
X/Z axis minimum displacement unit mm 0.001
Spindle hole diameter mm Ф82 (105/130)
X/Z axis N.m 5/7.5
X/Z axis rapid traverse speed m/min 6/8
Repeated positioning accuracy of tool post mm ≤0.004
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm Φ75
Tailstock sleeve stroke mm 200
Machine size (length×width×height) mm 2940*1400*1700
Electricity demand (power/current) kW/A 15kW/20A
320mm manual three-jaw chuck


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