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CNC Lathe With Inclined Bed Is Suitable For Mold Making

ALLES CNC Slant Bed CNC Lathe is suitable for mechanical processing and mold making .And it can asapt to the processing requirement from rough machining to finish machining .It can also finish many working procedures like milling ,drilling ,tapping ,boring ,etc
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  • ALTCK66A



ALTCK66A slant bed cnc lathe

The Main Technical Parameters

Item Unit ALTCK66A/800
Maximum turning diameter of bed mm φ660
X-direction rail span mm 343
Z-direction rail span mm 490
Maximum turning diameter of slide mm φ400
Maximum turning length mm 700
Spindle hole diameter mm φ85
Tailstock sleeve stroke mm 250
Tools in electric tool post pcs 4
Knife square size mm □32×32(8 stations)
X/Z direction moving speed m/min 4/5
X direction stroke mm 270
Z direction stroke mm 800
Minimum Setting Unit mm 0.001
Total Electric Power KW 18
Machine Weight Kg 4500
Machine Size(L×W×H) mm 3500×2000×2100

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Product Main Features:

1.ALLES CNC CNC lathe Higher accuracy Taiwan linear guideways

2.CNC lathe machine Higher speed spindle unit,optional homemade spindle

3.Higher rigidity cast iron

4.Integrated automatic lubrication

5.One-piece casting slant bed CNC lathe

CNC Lathe Advantages:

ALLES CNC Automatic CNC lathe machine is an economical ,practical type machine tools with good quality , they are suitable for kinds of turning, such as internal and external cylindrical surface turning, cutting of various metric, whit worth, module and diameter pitch threads as well as taper turning, facing, drilling, reaming and broaching for oil grooves and key ways etc. The work piece produced on machine can achieve good accuracy and surface roughness.

CNC Milling Lathe Machine Application

ALLES CNC The CNC lathe is suitable for processing all kinds of small and medium shafts and plate blanks, and can also turn various threads on the arc of a circle, circular cone, the inner and outer surface of the rotating body.


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