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CNC Lathe With Inclined Bed Machining Shaft Work Pieces

Slant bed CNC lathe to bring performance and productivity. The Y axis and C axis provide more flexibility and multiple operations when machining complex work piece. is ideal for various industrial applications.
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  • ALTCK56A


原-恢复的-min (30)

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Processing Characteristics

1. ALLES CNC high precision Taiwan linear guide.

2.Slant bed CNC lathe high speed spindle unit.

3.CNC lathe machine Higher rigidity cast iron.

4. Integrated automatic lubrication

5.30 degree one-piece cast slant bed.

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CNC Lathe Machine ——In The Laster Inspection Of The Inclined Bed

The Main Technical Parameters

Item Unit ALTCK56A/500
Maximum turning diameter of bed mm φ560
X-direction rail span mm 254
Z-direction rail span mm 364
Maximum turning diameter of slide mm φ360
Center Head Distance mm 500
Maximum turning length mm 500
Spindle hole diameter mm φ65
Bar diameter mm φ50
With hollow chuck pull rod through hole mm φ50
Spindle speed limit rpm 0-3500(automatic)
Tailstock sleeve stroke mm 250
Tools in electric tool post pcs 8
Knife square size mm □25×25(8 stations)
X direction stroke mm 200
Z direction stroke mm 560
Minimum Setting Unit mm 0.001
Total Electric Power KW 18
Machine Weight Kg 4000
Machine Size(L×W×H) mm 2950×1860×1850

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CNC Lathe Advantage

1.Horizontal CNC lathe machine good stability

2.Hydraulic turret provides fast turret index, non-stop and bi-directional and high accuracy performance.

3.The automatic CNC lathe machine features a one-piece base structure that increases machine stability and maximizes cutting stiffness.

CNC Lathe Machine Application Industry:

Horizontal CNC lathe machine is suitable for automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, aerospace, military, petroleum and other industries. The bed has a high rigidity of 45 degrees, and the high-torque spindle adopts Taiwan track line to ensure high rigidity of the machine tool. The spindle is close to the center of the manipulator, and the work piece loading and unloading is more convenient.

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