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CNC Machining Centers For The Aerospace Industry

CNC Milling machine metal for mechanical processing and mold making .And it can adapt to the processing requirement from rough machining to finish machining .It can also finish many working procedures like milling ,drilling ,tapping ,boring ,etc.
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  • ALVMC1375



Processing Characteristics Of ALVMC1375 Vertical Machine Center:

1.High precision: The VMC1375 vertical machining center is known for its high precision in machining operations. It can produce parts with tight tolerances and repeatable accuracy.

2.Large machining capacity: This vertical machining center has a large machining capacity and can handle workpieces up to 1300mm in length, 700mm in width, and 700mm in height, making it suitable for machining large parts.

3.High spindle speed: The VMC1375 vertical machining center has a high spindle speed range, which enables it to perform high-speed machining operations with ease.

4.Automatic tool changer: It has an automatic tool changer that can quickly change tools, reducing setup time and increasing productivity.

5.Multiple machining operations: It is capable of performing multiple machining operations such as milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and reaming, making it a versatile machine tool.

6.User-friendly control system: The VMC1375 vertical machining center is equipped with a user-friendly CNC control system that makes programming and operation easy and intuitive.

7.Rigidity and stability: The machine has a rigid and stable structure that enables it to handle heavy cutting loads without any deformation or vibration, ensuring high accuracy and surface finish of machined parts.

3 Advantages of Axis Vertical Machine Center:

1.CNC machine center High-rigidity/high-stability main structure。

2.CNC milling machine Use 3D-CAD and finite element analysis to develop high-rigidity machine tool structure。

3.Vertical machine center Resin bonded sand molding,twice aging,and special tank-type structure and optimized rib-reinforced lay-out,make the machine tool of good rigidity and hysteresis loss。

The application process of the VMC1375 3 Axis Vertical Machine Center in the aerospace industry would typically involve the following steps:

1.Requirement analysis: The aerospace industry has specific requirements for machining parts and components, such as high precision, tight tolerances, and complex geometries. The first step in the application process would be to analyze the requirements of the particular project or application and determine whether the VMC1375 is suitable for the task.

2.Programming: Once the machine has been selected, the next step would be to program the tool paths and cutting parameters using specialized software. This involves creating a 3D model of the part or component and generating the machine code that will be used to control the VMC1375 during the machining process.

3.Set-up: Before the machining process can begin, the workpiece must be properly secured in the machine and the cutting tools must be installed and calibrated. This involves using precision measuring tools to ensure that the workpiece is aligned correctly and that the cutting tools are properly positioned.

4.Machining: Once the machine is set up and the program is loaded, the machining process can begin. The VMC1375 will use its 3 axis (X, Y, and Z) to move the cutting tool along the programmed tool path, removing material from the workpiece to create the desired shape and dimensions.

5.Quality control: After the machining process is complete, the finished part or component will be inspected using specialized measuring tools to ensure that it meets the required specifications. Any necessary adjustments or corrections can be made at this stage.

6.Finishing: Depending on the requirements of the project, the finished part or component may require additional finishing processes, such as polishing or coating, before it is ready for use in the aerospace industry.

Overall, the application process of the VMC1375 3 Axis Vertical Machine Center in the aerospace industry involves careful planning, programming, and execution to ensure that high-quality, precision parts and components are produced efficiently and reliably.


Vertical Machining Center Inspection

图片6 图片5

Technical Parameters

Sub-item Unit ALVMC1375
Worktable size mm 1400x750
T-slot mm 18x5x100
Max. load kg 1000
X axis travel mm 1300
positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Re-positioning accuracy mm 0.008
Floor area and height mm 3050*2250*2400
Machine weight kg 7500


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