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Challenges and needs of mold processing

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Challenges and needs of mold processing

Mold making is characterized by long cycle time and single-piece application of high-value workpieces. The process requires maximum thermal stability to ensure shape accuracy and seamless mixing-while running at optimal speed.

Through our ALLES CNC engineering and automation services, flawless parts can be obtained in a shorter time.

In order to control quality and performance, we design and manufacture our own spindles, and process and assemble our structures internally. This allows us to provide molds/mold machines with the following characteristics:

  • Thermally stable platform.

  • The spindle is designed for continuous use at maximum RPM.

  • The rigid machine structure achieves the best dynamic accuracy.

Verical Machine Center can have 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis.

At the same time, our product portfolio is suitable for various mold making applications, from 3 axis machine center to 5 axis machine center and horizontal machining center equipment. ALLES CNC's mold application team will help you find a solution that suits your store.

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