Cnc Slant Turning Center FCK46

Commonly utilized for the precision machining of components, such as automotive parts, aerospace components, and other areas requiring high machining accuracy and efficiency. Opting for a CNC slant bed lathe can provide the manufacturing industry with elevated levels of automation and production efficiency.
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  • ALFCK46


The CNC slant bed lathe is a type of CNC lathe with a bed designed in a slanted structure.

Product specifications:

Maximum rotation diameter of the bedmmф490
Maximum turning diameter on skateboardmmф300
Recommended standard turning diametermmBelow ф210(8”chuck)
Maximum cutting diameter: Discs/shaftsmmф320 /ф250
Spindle front hole taper
Spindle hole diametermmф62
Maximum diameter of bar material passing throughmmф50
X axis travelmm200
Z axis travelmm450
Optical machine appearance (excluding chip conveyor)mm2400×1700×1750
Machine weight (including chip conveyor)kg3050

Product advantages:

A CNC slant bed lathe is a type of CNC lathe that incorporates a slanted bed structure in its design. In comparison to traditional flat bed lathes, CNC slant bed lathes have several distinct advantages:

1、Enhanced Rigidity: The slanted bed design of CNC slant bed lathes improves the overall machine rigidity, reducing vibrations during the machining process. This contributes to higher machining precision and better surface quality.

2、Convenient Operation: The slant bed design allows operators easier access to the workpiece, facilitating clamping and monitoring of the machining process. This positively impacts the efficiency of the operators and the accuracy of the operations.

3、Superior Cutting Performance: Due to the slanted bed design, cutting forces during the machining process are more effectively transmitted to the machine bed. This helps improve cutting performance, reduce machining deformation, and enhance overall machining quality.

4、Convenient Chip Disposal: The slant bed design aids in the natural sliding of chips produced during workpiece machining, reducing resistance during cutting and improving machining efficiency.

5、Space Savings: The slant bed design results in a relatively smaller footprint for the entire machine, facilitating better utilization of space in limited production workshops.

6、High Adaptability: CNC slant bed lathes are suitable for processing various materials and shapes of workpieces, demonstrating strong versatility and adaptability.

It's important to note that different machining requirements and workpiece characteristics may influence the decision-making process when selecting a CNC lathe type. Therefore, when purchasing a CNC lathe, it is advisable to consider a variety of factors based on specific needs.


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