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Flat Bed CNC Lathe ALCK6150 Small CNC Lathe

The small CNC lathe ALCK6150 has the characteristics of moderate size, high precision, multi-function and simplified operation, and is widely used in various industries that require precision machining.
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  • ALCK6150X2000


原-恢复的-min (20)

CNC Lathe ALCK6150x2000 Is A Machine Tool With The Following Characteristics:

1. Large size: ALCK6150x2000 is a larger size CNC lathe with longer processing stroke and larger processing capacity, suitable for processing larger size workpieces.

2. Numerical control system: The lathe is equipped with an advanced numerical control system, which can realize high-precision machining control and complex programming operations, and improve production efficiency and machining accuracy.

3. High-precision processing: ALCK6150x2000 has high processing accuracy and stability, and can meet the requirements of the electronic parts processing industry for dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

4. Multifunctional processing: The lathe can perform various processing operations such as turning, boring, tapping, etc., and is suitable for various technological requirements in the electronic parts processing industry.

5. Automatic processing: ALCK6150x2000 can be equipped with automatic processing devices, such as automatic tool magazine, automatic feeding device, etc., to improve production efficiency and reduce the workload of operators.

6. In the electronic parts processing industry, ALCK6150x2000 is commonly used in the following processing techniques:

Shaft parts processing: processing shaft parts of electronic parts, such as precision shafts, bushings, etc., by turning, boring and other processes.

7. Hole processing: Use the boring function of the lathe to process precision holes on electronic parts, such as connection holes, sensor holes, etc.

8. Tapping processing: Use the tapping function of the lathe to process electronic parts, such as threaded holes, threaded shafts, etc.

9. Surface treatment: Through turning, cutting and other processes, the surface of electronic parts is processed and trimmed to improve surface quality and precision.

It is necessary to select appropriate tools, cutting parameters and processing paths according to the specific processing requirements of electronic parts to ensure processing quality and efficiency. At the same time, follow the safe operation rules to ensure the personal safety of operators and the normal operation of equipment.

Additional Configuration Of ALCK6150 CNC Lathe:

Spindle model and power: DC spindle motor / AC spindle motor

Control system: Siemens, Fanuc, GSK

Cooling system: internal cooling system / external cooling system

Workpiece measurement devices: such as height gauges, trigger probes, etc., are used to measure workpiece dimensions in real time and realize feedback control.

Automatic feeding device: Adding an automatic feeding device can realize the automatic feeding of workpieces, improve production efficiency and reduce the burden on operators.

Accessories and accessories: Accessories and accessories can be selected according to specific needs, such as fixtures, tools, tool holders, tool holders, tailstocks, etc., to meet different processing needs.


ALCK6150 One-piece casting and hard guide way CNC lathe

Equipment Configuration And Parameters

Item Unit ALCK6150X2000
Max swing over bed mm Φ500
Maximum swing over slide mm Φ290
Maximum cutting diameter mm Φ500
Maximum processing length mm 2000
X/Z axis maximum stroke mm 2000
X/Z axis minimum displacement unit mm 0.001
Spindle hole diameter mm F82
Main motor power (frequency conversion) kW 7.5
Frequency converter kW 7.5
X/Z axis N.m 5/7.5
X/Z axis rapid traverse speed m/min 6/8
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm F65
Tailstock sleeve stroke mm 130
Electricity demand (power/current) kW/A 15kW/20A



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