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Heavy Duty CNC Oil Township Lathe CNC Pipe Thread Lathe

CNC pipe threading lathe mainly designs and processes various internal and external threads of pipes, including metric, inch, modulus, DP, taper threads, and has all the common functions of ordinary CNC lathes for processing inner holes and machining. End faces of shafts and discs,etc
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  • ALQK1335



CNC Pipe Threading Machine Features:

CNC pipe threading lathe is a special tool for turning and milling pipe threads. It is characterized by a large diameter spindle hole and a chuck installed on the front and rear of the head stock for clamping and machining large diameter pipes or bars.

2. CNC lathe large spindle hole and double chucks, which can clamp and process large diameter pipes;

3. The whole bed of ALMAZAKL CNC adopts high-strength iron, with high rigidity and high precision;

4. Ultrasonic frequency quenching guide rail is hard enough and has good wear resistance;

5.To maintain long-term accuracy

Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine Advantage

1. The structural rigidity and transmission rigidity of the horizontal CNC lathe machine are higher than those of the general lathe, and the power

2. High utilization rate, suitable for strong cutting.

3. Before leaving the factory, the automatic CNC lathe machine shall be inspected in strict accordance with the inspection procedures.

CNC lathe machine to test, to test the CNC lathe to ensure that the CNC lathe has good stability and reliability.


Automatic CNC lathe machine is widely used in petroleum exploitation, mineral exploitation, chemical pipeline, geological exploration and other industries.


CNC CNC pipe thread lathe adopts the double chuck clamping mode

The Main Technical Parameters

Project Content Unit ALQK1335
Processing range Maximum turning diameter of bed mm Φ800
Maximum turning diameter on the skateboard mm Φ450
Maximum processing length mm 1500
Maximum machining diameter mm Φ800
Maximum bar diameter mm Φ450
X/Z rapid traverse speed m/min 4/6
number of stations
Tool Specifications: Turning/Boring mm 32/40


Sleeve diameter/stroke mm Φ100/250
X/Z motor torque NM 10/15
Cooling pump motor power W 125
Other battery capacity KVA 15
Machine weight KG 5200


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