Metal Cutting CNC Lathe

ALLES CNC CNC lathe machine can turn conical surfaces, arc surfaces, and end surfaces of rotary parts, and can also turn various metric and inch threads, etc., with higher batch processing efficiency and higher precision.
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  • ALTCK6340


TCK6340 (5)-min

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine Features:

1. ALLES CNC 45 degree slant bed CNC lathe.

2. Taiwan linear guide CNC lathe machine with higher precision.

3. ALLES CNC has a large amount of chip removal and is convenient for customers to choose.

4. Front row or rear row of chips.

5. The servo motors in the X and Z directions are directly connected to the screw rod through a high-torque low-inertia elastic coupling, and the screw rod is equipped with a pre-stretched structure.

6. CNC lathe 3 axis row knife holder.

7. High-speed, high-precision, high-rigidity shell-type spindle unit, servo spindle motor, can achieve higher spindle speed.

8. Use advanced centralized lubrication system.

9. The whole machine has a full protection design, which is reliable against sundries and debris, and is easy to maintain.

Slant bed and linear guide way CNC lathe ALTCK6340

The Main Technical Parameters

Machine Model Unit ALTCK6340
Max swing over bed mm Φ400
Max swing over cross slide mm Φ120
Maximum processing length mm 260
Standard chuck specifications
X axis maximum stroke mm 380
Spindle speed rpm A2-5
Spindle speed stage


Spindle end code
X:18 Z:18
Inner diameter of main shaft pull tube mm 1-15000
Spindle motor power KW 5.5
Tool bar section
Tool holder mm Row knife
Total power capacity mm 18
Cutting water tank capacity KVA 90
Dimensions (L×W×H) L 2300X1500X1750


CNC slant bed lathe machine work piece

Automatic CNC Lathe Machine Advantage:

CNC lathe During the processing, the cutting chips can easily be washed down toward the chip bed by the normal flow of the coolant, which causes the chips to accumulate and interrupt the machining process. However, the special slant bed CNC lathes can resolve the problem, when CNC lathes adopt the special slant bed design can achieve a better chip evacuation effect, solving the chips accumulation trouble making the machining process uninterrupted, and increasing processing efficiency!

CNC Lathe Application Industry:

Slant bed CNC lathe is suitable for automobile, motorcycle, electronics, aerospace, military, petroleum and other industries.

CNC lathe can automatically complete the chip processing of internal and external circles, grooves, cones, spherical surfaces, various metric and inch threads and other rotary bodies.

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