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Mini CNC Flat Bed CNC Lathe Metal Turning

A CNC lathe machine is normally used to perform / produce precise round shapes with both an Outer Diameter (OD), and an Inner Diameter (ID). Practically all kinds of structures could be machined with this machine tool, depending on their needs in different industries.
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  • ALCK6140


CNC Horizontal Turning Center


The ALCK6140 CNC lathe bed realizes the long and short bed configuration, making full use of the existing resources of the ordinary CNC lathe. The ALCK6140 CNC lathe is a flat bed layout, using a single triangular guide rail pair layout, and resin sand casting. According to the processing equipment of our factory, we provide more Good processing technology.


Product Parameter

Specifications Unit ALCK6130 ALCK6140
Max. swing over bed mm Φ300 Φ400
Max. swing over cross slide mm Φ100 Φ240
Max. processing length mm 卡盘200/夹头320 卡盘420/680
X/Z axis travel mm 300/350 X:280 Z:550/750
Spindle nose
A2-5 A2-6/(A2-8可选)
Spindle bore mm Φ48 Φ48/Φ82
Bar capacity mm Φ40 Φ40/Φ65
Max. spindle speed rpm 2500 150-2000/150-1800
Chuck size mm 160 200/250
Spindle motor kW 4 5.5/7.5(可选)
X/Z axis repeatability mm ±0.005 ±0.005
Machine dimension (L×W×H) mm 1600×1100×1650 2200×1160×1620
Net. weight (about) kg 950 1800

Products Description

flat bed cnc lathe

1.Spindle adopts high precision rolling bearings, high precision rotary plate aspect to adopt high precision ball screw transmission, good dynamic performance, precision positioning.

2.The machine tool guide with wear-resistant cast iron and after the audio quenching, the hardness of the HRC45 above, can ensure the long-term stability of processing accuracy.

cnc horizontal turning center-1

cnc horizontal turning center-2

Company Profile

What Can You Use a CNC Lathe For

How to Programme a CNC Lathe?

One of the common questions asked is this: how CNC Lathes can be programmed and what software do the CNC machine tools normally use? A modern CNC lathe can be programmed in the following manner:

1、Directly on the machine, using a modern CNC Programming Support System such as “Manual Guide I” (FANUC) or ShopTurn (SIEMENS).

2、Off-line using a CAD/ CAM system. These often involve more complex shapes to be machined, or a series of operations.

In most cases, the CNC Lathes or CNC Turning Machines should be able to process one CNC programme while the next CNC programme is being established and programmed. This helps to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process and saves time and manpower effort.



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