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New manufacturing: CNC turning and milling composite

CNC turning-milling hybrid is an advanced processing technology that integrates turning and milling functions. With the support of CNC technology, it can perform multi-axis and multi-process processing with high precision and efficiency.
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Product advantages:

1、Comprehensive Processing: CNC turning and milling composite machining can simultaneously perform turning and milling operations, realizing integrated processing for various techniques, enhancing processing flexibility, and improving efficiency.

2、Reduced Setup Procedures: With CNC turning and milling composite machining, multiple machining steps can be completed on the same machine, reducing the need for workpiece setup, minimizing cumulative errors, and enhancing machining precision.

3、Time and Cost Savings: Simultaneous turning and milling operations eliminate the need to transfer workpieces between different machines, accelerating production cycles and reducing production costs.

4、Complex Shape Machining: CNC turning and milling composite machining, facilitated by multi-axis motion systems, achieves high-precision machining for complex shapes, including threads, surfaces, and slots.

5、High Precision Machining: The application of CNC technology enhances machining precision, ensuring compliance with quality and precision requirements for workpieces.

6、Versatility: CNC turning and milling composite machine tools exhibit strong versatility, adapting to the machining needs of different types and materials of workpieces, thereby increasing equipment flexibility.

7、High Automation Level: The CNC system automates the entire machining process, reducing human-operated errors and improving production efficiency.

8、Suitable for Small-Batch Production: CNC turning and milling composite machining is well-suited for small-batch, diversified production requirements, offering increased flexibility to adapt to market variations.

In summary, CNC turning and milling composite technology demonstrates significant advantages in enhancing processing efficiency, reducing costs, improving precision, and adapting to diversified production needs. As a result, it has found widespread application in modern manufacturing industries.

Product Specifications:


Maximum turning diameter on the bed


Maximum machining diameter

Maximum Z travel550
Maximum machining shaft length (chuck + tailstock)within 350
Maximum X-direction travel180 (radius value)
Maximum Y travel100(±50)
Fast movement speedX:30 Z:30 Y:30
Spindle through hole diameterΦ66 (optional Φ79)
Spindle unit nose formA2-6
Hollow hydraulic rotary cylinder852 (can pass through bars within Φ52)
Spindle motor power7.5/11 servo motor (optional 11/15)
Spindle speed4500
Power turret model80-12T
Circular tool size25*25 (optional 20*20)
Boring shank sizeΦ32
Power tool holder specificationsBMT55(BMT45)
Maximum stroke of tailstock sleeve90
Tailstock sleeve diameterΦ70
Chuck SpecificationsΦ200 (8 inches)
Cooling water pump power450 high pressure centrifugal pump
Machine weight≈3500
Machine tool dimensions (length*width*height)≈2000(2265)*1700*2075(excluding chip conveyor)


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