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Our Company Successfully Sold 38 CNC Machine Tools To Russia

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In July, our company proudly announced that it successfully sold a batch of high-performance mechanical equipment to the Russian market, which further strengthened our company's competitive position in the international market. This transaction involved a total of 38 pieces of equipment, covering multiple categories such as CNC lathes, turn-milling compound, CNC pipe thread lathes, and vertical machining centers, injecting strong impetus into Russia's manufacturing industry.

1. Among them, we have delivered 18 precision CNC lathes to Russia. These advanced equipment have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and good repeatability, and can meet customers' strict requirements for quality and precision in the process of workpiece processing. In addition, we also provided 6 sets of multifunctional turning and milling equipment, which can complete various processing procedures such as turning and milling on the same machine tool, greatly improving processing efficiency and production flexibility.

2. At the same time, our company also delivered 7 high-performance CNC pipe thread lathes to Russia. These equipments are specially designed for pipe processing, with precise thread processing capability, and can be widely used in the fields of pipe manufacturing and repair in oil, gas, chemical and other industries. In addition, we also provided 7 vertical machining centers to provide customers with a one-stop processing solution, which can efficiently complete the processing tasks of complex parts.

3. The achievement of this sale is due to our company's continuous efforts in R&D, innovation and quality assurance. Our equipment adopts the most advanced technology and manufacturing process, which is not only competitive in performance and precision, but also pays attention to ease of operation and reliability, providing customers with an excellent experience in use.

4. This transaction not only reflects the strength and reputation of our company in the field of mechanical equipment, but also highlights the close cooperation between our company and Russian partners. We will continue to uphold the principle of "quality first, customer first", provide more high-quality products and services for the Russian market, and further promote the development of the manufacturing industries of the two countries.

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