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Types of CNC Lathes

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CNC lathes are classified into types by how many axes they have. They are available with different axes, allowing more complex parts to be produced without manually switching machines or tools. The different axes affect how the machined part or the tool can be positioned, rotated, and approached during the machining process.

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2-Axis CNC Lathe

This basic CNC lathe machine has two linear axes that can perform outer diameter/inner diameter, basically cylindrical machining, and facing operations, or drilling and tapping at the center of the part. It has an X and Z axis and does not allow for milling.

3-Axis CNC Lathe

With a 3-axis CNC lathe, a C axis and life tool system are added, allowing the part to be positioned so that standard milling operations, boring, and tapping operations can be performed. Helical milling operations that require the slow sync rotation of the workpiece are possible.

4-Axis CNC Lathe

A 4-axis machine has an added Y-axis so that off-center machining operations can be performed. The fourth axis works well for more irregular and complex lathework.

5-Axis CNC Lathe

In 5-axis lathes, a second turret is added to a 3-axis CNC lathe. Such machines would then have two axes at each upper and lower turret plus the C-axis on the rotating spindle. This enables the use of two tools at the same time on the part, which drastically increases machining speed.

6 Or More Axis CNC Lathe



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