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Vertical CNC milling center for mold processing

ALLES CNC 3 axis Vertical machine center is widely used in military industry, aerospace, automobile, mold, medical equipment, machinery manufacturing industries such as body parts, shell parts, disc parts processing. The machine tool is equipped with automatic lubrication system and cooling system.
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  • ALVMC1270



VMC Machining Center Features:

CNC routers use stationary work pieces and spindles that move in X, Y, and Z. In contrast, CNC milling machines use parts that move in X and Y and spindles that move in Z. The difference in axis motion means that CNC mills have increased clearance along the Z axis, allowing them to perform thicker cuts of tougher materials.

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vertical cnc milling machine 3 axis

Technical Parameters

Model ALVMC1270C
Xaxis 1200mm
Y axis 700mm
Zaxis 700mm
Worktable size 1200x700mm
Max. loading capacity 800kg
Speed 8000rpm
Spindle speed 8000
Taper BT40
Main motor power 11Kw
Tools type ΦDisc type
Tool change time 2.8s
Tool length max. 250mm

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ALLES CNC Vertical Machine Center Factory

Small CNC Milling Machine Advantage:

1. Large parts such as CNC machining centre, table, sliding seat, column and spindle box are made of resin sand castings, and undergo secondary aging treatment to eliminate stress, good stability, high strength, and long-term stability to ensure the long-term use accuracy of the machine tool .

2. ALLES CNC vertical machine center guarantees the stability of machine performance.

3. These large parts of CNC vertical machining center have been optimized to improve the rigidity and stability of the large parts and the whole machine, and effectively suppress the deformation and vibration of the machine tool caused by cutting force.

CNC Milling Machine Metal Application:

ALLES CNC CNC Milling machine metal is a semi-closed-loop servo control of x, y, and Z axes. It has a compact and reasonable structure, large dimensions, and the spindle is driven by a servo motor. It can realize drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, tapping and other processes of various complex parts such as plates, shells and molds in one clamping process. It is suitable for parts processing of auto parts, electrical instruments, motorcycles, tools, hardware, motors and other industries.


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