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A world-renowned manufacturing base, a millennium leading metal processing equipment industry chain cluster gathering place in the world.

The R&D and manufacturing center of the CNC lathe factory covers an area of more than 120,000㎡. With the development of the company, the area of the cnc lathe factory is also expanding. The number of global employees exceeds 400, including 300 engineers and 50 sales teams. There will be at least 10 Engineers provide 24-hour online service.

After the production of the slant bed cnc lathe of ALLES CNC is completed, it will be debugged by the machine debugger to ensure that there is no problem with the quality, and then it will be shipped.


One-piece Casting Of Base

ALLES CNC has been focusing on the development of innovative machine tools and designs to eliminate all customer concerns. The base of our equipment is cast in one piece, not welded, not easy to break, strong rigidity, stable equipment, easy to install, and meet customers' needs for stable CNC equipment and easy installation.


The CNC Machine Tool Uses 6 Sliders

The ALLES CNC machine tool adopts the most advanced technology. The column has 6 sliders, which is two more sliders than traditional machine tools. Ensure that the equipment has high precision and high rigidity. Our goal is to develop products that can provide customers with unparalleled productivity machines.

For example, a horizontal machining center.


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