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ALLES CNC machine can process suspension brackets, engine parts, landing gears, system control devices, orthopedic equipment, surgical instruments, dental and orthodontic implants and other high-precision workpieces at high speed and high precision. It can be used in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, and medical industry. , Shipbuilding industry, construction industry, etc.
Slant Bed And Linear Guide Way CNC Lathe
Slant Bed And Linear Guide Way CNC Lathe is suitable to process all kinds of small and middle-sized shaft and plate work piece, and could also turn various threads, circle arc, circular cone, inside and outside surface of revolved body. CNC Lathe Complete each processing operation from raw materials to finished parts in one setup. CNC Lathe is widely used in sanitary, valve, electrical appliance, instrument, automobile, motorcycle, bearings and so on.
Hard Guide Way CNC Lathe
CNC Lathe the all new ALCK series incorporates the very latest technologies. ALCK series, a compact & high-performance CNC turning centre. Hard Guide Way CNC Lathe can automatically process the inside and outside cylinder surface, cone surface, circular arc surface, end face, such as processing, and also can process the single and multiple threads in metric, inch and other standards.
Vertical Machining Center
Vertical machining center has the characteristics of high productivity, veritability, high accuracy, ease of programming, environmental friendly and so on.Vertical machining center is suitable for the mechanical processing and mold making. And it can adapt to the processing requirement from rough machining to finish machining. It can also finish many working procedures like milling, drilling, tapping, boring etc.
CNC Lathe Machine Factory
ALLES CNC all castings must pass the test of time before they can be applied to the machine. All parts must be tempered a second time. After the production of the machine is completed, the machine will continue to work for 72 hours without processing the workpiece to ensure that the machine can be used normally. ALLES CNC spare parts warehouse covers an area of about 4000 square meters, equipped with various factory-produced parts, purchased parts and CNC systems. GSK system purchases about 200-300 sets at a time, and the system is in stock,the yield is very high.
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